Favorite Quotes

Book 1

  • "People see you as a value or statistic before meeting you; money does not define you; that being said it shows the number of opportunities you can take."
  • "Vocabulary is the muscle of communication; flex it."
  • "For it is you, that lights the spark of tomorrow even when it is just today."
  • "You may try me, but you will not break me."
  • "You are a hypocrite."
  • "It takes two to tango but I am only one."
  • "Hard work is a vessel from A to B, but intelligence is just the speed limit."
  • "Eyes are the windows to the soul and hands are the voices of intent."
  • There is always a sign no matter how subtle or fast."
  • "Life is all about giving to get, everything that happens is equal."
  • For those of you that are creating original fiction, whether it be a book, a game, or a realm in art; create a world and not just your product.

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