Society: The World In Which We Live


Society: The World In Which We Live is a Self-Help Philosophical mix where it goes into my take on the world, but it highlights human behavior, education, and the business world. Now, this is where a fair amount of people stop; what can this author know about business that other books don't have? They do not have my perspective, I do not go as in-depth as what to invest in or direct patterns, but it highlights concepts; as to how and why the world works. If you never understand the problem, how can you hope to fix it? This book identifies issues and solves the common issues, but if you want to learn the most, look at what it does not say; everything is there for a reason. Maybe you need to watch a show twice to understand something in the plot thoroughly; this book is the same way. It's made to break and rework your sense of self, make you think about your reasons, and truly understand that you are indeed the sum of your choices.

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