My Book Is Out Society: The World In Which We Live

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My History

This may be where I've been but this will tell you that I'm going up.

Yes, I am an author, and yes I am a student. That is me, or at least what I used to think of myself as. Then I had a college essay, and to describe myself in 500 words was a challenge, I wanted to show me but I also wanted to show my values since those are my most powerful asset. With that being said, I enjoy thinking about the universe and just random things in general; I am very much in my own head in that regard. I might be an NPC in someone else's game but I will make sure I affect it. I will make sure that I am the change I want to see since no one is going to do it for me. Whatever word you label me as; know that it is not enough although it probably is accurate.

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